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Seamless Property Management

At PJ International, we prioritize your peace of mind. Our comprehensive property management services ensure your investment is in safe hands. From screening tenants to handling rent collections, we handle the entire process seamlessly.

24/7 Tenant Support

Tired of those late-night tenant calls? With PJ International, you can finally get a good night’s sleep. Our dedicated team takes care of tenant inquiries and emergencies around the clock, so you don’t have to.

Tailored Solutions for Every Property

Whether you own a residential apartment, commercial space, or retail property, our experts specialize in tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. Maximize your returns with our industry-specific expertise.

Efficient Real Estate Brokers

Bid farewell to the frustration of dealing with inefficient brokers. PJ International takes pride in its professional and results-driven real estate brokers who work tirelessly to secure the best tenants and lease agreements for your property.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Don’t let maintenance requests become a headache. Our team ensures that all maintenance issues are promptly addressed, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most – growing your wealth.

Proactive Marketing Strategies

PJ International doesn’t just wait for tenants; we actively market your property to the right audience. Our strategic marketing approach ensures maximum occupancy, providing you with a consistent and stress-free passive income.

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market should be rewarding, not overwhelming. Choose PJ International Real Estate for a partnership that goes beyond property management – we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your investment while enjoying a truly stress-free experience. Contact us today and let your property work for you!


FAQs from PJ International Real Estate

Choosing Dubai rental property management companies is an important yet time-consuming task. Important procedures include confirming the legitimacy of the services the company provides and checking the company’s business license. When choosing Dubai property management services, there are more factors to take into account, such as reviewing customer testimonials and reviews and interacting with previous and current clients.

Updating a house in Dubai requires paying attention to particulars and taking into account a number of elements. We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you navigate this

Property management in Dubai refers to the process of overseeing and maintaining commercial or residential properties on behalf of the owner.
The RERA rental index is a tool that allows users to assess the average market rent in any place and forecast prospective rent changes. It assists tenants in understanding if the landlord’s offered rent aligns with the market rate.
The tenant and landlord should attempt to resolve disputes first. If unsuccessful, tenants can seek assistance from the Rental Dispute Resolution Centre, offering a quick resolution process taking only a few weeks.
Unless specified differently, landlords are responsible for necessary upkeep. Minor maintenance costs may fall on the tenant. The property owner must repaint at the end of the lease period unless specified otherwise.
Rent increases are allowed at the end of each lease period, subject to the RERA rental index. Landlords must provide a 90-day notice unless agreed otherwise. No, landlords cannot raise rent within the first three years of a lease arbitrarily.
Landlords can deduct from the security deposit for delinquent rent and other agreed-upon expenditures like painting and thorough cleaning fees.
The landlord must give a 12-month notice before requesting a tenant to leave. There are specific conditions, such as non-payment of rent or using the property for illegal purposes, that allow eviction.

Selecting the best property management company in Dubai is crucial, and PJ International Real Estate stands out as the best. This esteemed company not only offers answers to common queries but also ensures that property owners make informed decisions for a smooth and highly successful investment experience. With PJ International Real Estate, you’re not just choosing a property management company; you’re opting for the best in the business.

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